Wednesday, 7 March 2012


Today in biology we did the ancient experiment of seeing what effects ethanol and caffeine have on Daphnia ( the species name escapes me ) which led me to realise two things.

1.I need more coffee

2.I want to get myself some sort of Velvet worm as a pet. Because those motherfuckers have stumpy feet slime glands and a whole load of other cool shit. Not really related to the experiment but it reminded me to look up their Phylum Onychophora which is one the of the badest phylums out there. Its reserved almost entirely to Velvet worms. OHHHH the cuteness of these creatures of the Ecdysozoa sub phylum. They look like a fucking snail lizard with lots of stubby feet.

So yeah I need one of those bitches or at least a toy/picture of one on my wall.

And that Is all I have for you today.

1 comment:

  1. Interesting stuff mate. Personally I'm not too sure if I'd enjoy having that thing for a pet but each to his own! :)