Sunday, 29 January 2012

A challenge

A challenge I copied fromHannah who copied it from Carro who copied it from Ida.
 01 - a photo of yourself
02 - a photo of your bedroom.
03 - a photograph of yourself two years ago.
04 - a photo of someone you fancy at the moment.
 05 - a photo of yourself, not taken by you.
06 - your favourite song(s).
07 - what you want more than anything right now.
08 - a photo of your handwriting.
09 - the most beautiful picture of your best friend.
10 - a tv show you're currently addicted to.
11 - your current wish list.
12 - a list of things you want to do before you die.
 13 - a song to match your mood at this moment.
14 - the next plan you have coming up that you're really excited for.
15 - your favourite candy.
16 - an actor that you´d love to meet in real life.
17 - some photos from your last holiday.
18 - a photo of you and your brother/sister.
19 - your favorite colour.
20 - a photo of you, taken today and the outfit you wore today.


  1. oh god this will take a while. following

  2. Good luck in the challenge mate. I'm now following the blog by the way, I love what I've seen so far. Keep it up!