Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Jeg kan veldig godt snakke norsk

So yeah
My beautiful Girlfriend is from some backwater country(jk) called Norway  and she like talks Giberish and stuff to other vikings and people all the time so because I'm like clever I can tottaly understand Like major parts of it and Memorize many things to say a list of which i will post now.

Jeg liker deg= I like you
Jeg liker epler= I like apples
Jeg liker kukost= I like you lots
Jeg Liker deg mer enn Gressklippere = I like you more that Lawn Mowers

Another thing I've Learned In more ways Than one is
Jeg elsker Deg
Which you can apply to many of the above sentences just to give you a start. :)

Also if you want to be Romantic here are some quite Sweet sentences to Woo a Norwegian

Du er Stygg=You are beautiful
 Du er en stygg Svenske= you are a beautiful Norwegian

And there we have it :)
I will Try some of these useful sentences on ida now :)

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